"As an artist who has used airbrush in my work since 1972, the Badger airbrush has truly become an extension of myself and my art for 30 years. I could not imagine using any other airbrush other than a Badger." Peter West MFA

"To produce an airbrush illustration of the best quality is no laughing matter...the airbrushes and equipment I use for the task have to be the best. Badger airbrushes, compressors and products spare me the tears and heartaches of frustration and failure and allow me to creatively perform at an optimum level."
Peter Stallard

"As a fine artist working in mixed media, Badger airbrushes have been indispensable in applying paint to the many different surfaces of my pieces." Virginia Gabaldo

"Ease of use and consistency of results. I have 3 Badger airbrushes and like them all!" Jim Six

"If you're not using a Badger airbrush, the train has left the station and youÕre not on it." John T. Jacobson