airbrush Glove

Wear while airbrushing to prevent fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome. Available in Right-Hand Medium
(# 124RM), Right-Hand Large (# 124RL), Left-Hand Medium (# 124LM), and Left-Hand Large (# 124LL).



MODEL PAL - Suction Handling Tool

An ideal tool for precision assembly projects. Fun! Handy! Helpful! Great tool for model cars, crafts, railroading, doll houses, applying decals, stained glass, model airplanes, crafts of all kinds! The Model Pal will become one of your favorite assembly tools. Assorted cups included.

Regdab NEEDLE JUICE airbrush Lubricant

Enhances smooth trigger action and eliminates needle friction due to dry paint build up (# 122).

HOBBY PAL - Suction Pick-Up Tool

The Hobby Pal is a must for handling small items! The Hobby Pal is recommended for any object that has a smooth, non-porous surface. It will handle glass, plastic, jewelry, metal, decals, stones, coated paper, coated cardboard, puzzle pieces, etc. Assorted cups and tips included.