Air-Tex¨ ready-to-use textile airbrush colors make your fabric art come to life. Apply with airbrush or paint brush and heat set with an iron; the fabric remains soft and supple. Air-Tex¨ non-toxic colors are excellent for light (and most dark) colored textiles, i.e., polyester, cotton and denim. Materials with sizing must be pre-washed. Air-Tex¨ colors are washable and colorfast. They may be purchased individually, or in a seven bottle PRIMARY SET #1101. Air-Tex¨ cleaner, available in 4oz. (120ml) and 16oz. (480ml) sizes, easily removes dried color from airbrushes, paint brushes and work surfaces.
NOTE: Display rack is available to retailers.

The FREAKflex¨ Advantages:
• Available in 1oz. (30ml) and 4oz. (120ml) unbreakable plastic bottles with no-clog caps
• Washable after heat setting and usable on a variety of fabrics
• Available in 20 vibrant and intermixable colors
• Made of organic pigments in waterbased acrylic copolymer, pre-reduced for immediate airbrush use
• Paint may be special ordered in quart (0.94 ltr) or gallon (3.78 ltr) sizes